The Dakotah Sausage Stuffer is tops if you are going to make homemade sausage links and salami type sausages. It's also the only sausage machine that uses low-pressure water hydraulics to produce a smooth seamless flow of seasoned ground meat into a wide variety of sausage casings and ground meat bags. Moreover, this sausage stuffer has a see-through hopper which helps you keep track of how much-seasoned ground beef or venison is in the system at all times.


No matter if you are just learning how to make link sausage or you are already an accomplished sausage maker, a reliable sausage stuffer is a necessary tool if you plan to make your own link sausage or salami. You can use a standard garden hose or our optional hose kit. Deer hunter approved. Made in the USA.

Learning how to make jerky is great family fun, moreover, making homemade jerky from your bear, elk, deer or venison is self-gratifying! To make your own homemade jerky you need a good jerky recipe, seasonings, ground meat, and a jerky maker. Check out a sample of Eldon's favorite
sausage recipes and his well-known book titled "Sausage And Jerky Makers' Bible".


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