Our Story

Eldon isn't a stranger to the meat industry. He began his apprenticeship as a journeyman meat cutter in the early 1970's, moving on to a commercial sausage kitchen years later during which time he was introduced to the art of sausage making by an Old World "Wurstmacher" (sausage maker). Eldon has accumulated hundreds of sausage and jerky recipe/formulas along the way, many of which are featured in his new book.. See Our Books

Eldon and Karen moved to Idaho in 1980 and shortly afterword opened a custom sausage kitchen in Harpster, Idaho which they operated for seven years. During this time they produced a pair of successful home processing videos titled:
"Easy Sausage Making" and Easy Deer Cutting". Health problems forced Eldon to opt out of the sausage kitchen, after which, they started Eldon's Products (now Eldon's Sausage & Jerky Supply), a thriving sausage and jerky supply business. During this time, Eldon authored the "Sausage and Jerky Handbook" and "98 Ways to Cook Venison".

For the second time, recurring health problems forced the couple to sell Eldon's Products after ten years. But, the good news is that Karen is still going strong and in 2004 purchased the Dakotah Water-Pack Sausage Stuffer business from the now late Chuck Wilz out of Bismark, North Dakota. Because they had sold the stuffer during their tenure at Eldon's Products, the couple was keenly aware of the Dakotah Sausage Stuffer and it's proven track record.

The new and improved stuffer, renamed the TNT Dakotah Sausage Stuffer, features a see-through body cylinder which enables the operator to know how much meat is in the cylinder at all times. Eldon also came up with an optional Dakotah Jerky Adapter (extrusion device) which attaches to the TNT Dakotah Sausage Stuffer and easily produces two continuous 1" wide jerky strips or three continuous (3/8" diameter) jerky and/or snack sticks at a time. Making ground jerky doesn't get any easier than this.

It's doubtful that in Karen's youth she aspired to be a sausage maker, but that is precisely what she has become with the help of her long time husband who often refers to her as the "sausage lady". She knows the home processing business backwards and forward and definitely came by her nickname honestly. She has personally made thousands upon thousands of pounds of sausage and jerky during the last 30 years. Karen definitely knows the best of the wurst when it comes to making sausage.

Eldon and Karen have over 60 years of combined sausage and jerky making experience to there credit, hence the company slogan "Built for Sausage Makers by Sausage Makers". They want to help you make the best sausage and jerky possible and make you proud to share it with your friends and family.

Karen and Eldon stand behind their products and will make every effort to satisfy their customers. Perhaps it's time you gave the Dakotah Sausage Stuffer a try the next time you make sausage.