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98 Ways To Cook Venison

98 Ways To Cook Venison

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98 Ways To Cook Venison
The author has been cooking venison since he was old enough to tag his first buck. So it would make sense that 98 Ways To Cook Venison is a hunter's cookbook, not a gourmet guide reinventing the taste of deer meat. The recipes are down to earth and meant to enhance venison's natural woodsy flavors, not recreate them. Apple cider chops, grilled rounds, sour cream burgers, venison stir fry, teriyaki grill, dried venison, minced deer meat, pastrami, and prime rib of venison are just a tiny sampling of what's inside.


  • Features 100 of the author's kitchen-tested recipes.
  • Instructional black and white photos.
  • Spiral bound, 113 pages.


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