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Welcome to Dakotah Sausage Stuffer!

The Dakotah Sausage Stuffer is ideal for stuffing sausage links, kielbasa, salami, summer sausages, etc. This A-1 sausage making machine uses low-pressure water hydraulics to easily push ground sausage meats into natural and synthetic sausage casings. It's also the only sausage stuffer with an optional jerky snack stick maker that forms ground jerky strips and sticks. Easy to use, easy to clean and no hand cranking with these sausage stuffers. It's a must-have tool for anyone who plans on making their own sausage & jerky. Made in the USA.

The Sausage Stuffer Stuffing Sausages Making Jerky Thick Sausages

If You Plan on Making Your Own Sausage Links (Italian Sausage, Kielbasa, etc.), a Good Sausage Maker is a Must-Have Tool.

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Dakotah Sausage Stuffer & Jerky Maker
Dakotah TNT Sausage Stuffer

It's Easy to Make Salami-Type Sausages at Home From Domestic or Wild Game Meats Using our Water-Pack Sausage Stuffers.

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The Jerky Maker Attachment is the Perfect Tool for Making Homemade Ground Jerky and Skinless Sausage Sticks.

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Dakotah Jerky Maker Pro

If You Want To Make Your Own Cured Meats, THE SAUSAGE AND JERKY MAKERS' BIBLE Is The Book For You! 229 Kitchen-Tested Recipes.

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