Dakotah Sausage Stuffer

The only sausage making machine in this price range that uses low-pressure water hydraulics to stuff seasoned ground meat into a wide variety of sausage casings. What's more, this sausage stuffer has a see-through meat chamber (hopper) so you know how much meat is in the sausage maker system at all times. Thousands of deer hunters, farmers, homesteaders, chefs, and wild game processors use our Dakotah sausage stuffers when they make homemade sausage.

To make homemade sausage choose a good sausage recipe, gather up a few pounds of ground beef or venison, add the seasoning as specified, mix the ground meats and ingredients together, fill the see-through hopper with the freshly mixed ground meats, slip a prepared sausage casing over the sausage funnel and proceed to make sausage links or salami-style chubs. One person operation with these water-powered sausage stuffers. Made in the USA.


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