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Dakotah Sausage Stuffers

The Dakotah Sausage Stuffer is the only sausage making machine in this price range that uses low-pressure water hydraulics to stuff seasoned ground meat into a sausage casing, what's more this sausage filler has a translucent hopper so you know how much meat is in the sausage maker system at all times. Numerous deer hunters, butchers, chefs, farmers, homesteaders and wild game processors use a dakotah stuffer when they make their own homemade sausage links and salami style sausages.
Making link sausage is a simple process, select a sausage recipe, thaw out a few pounds of ground beef or venison, add  seasoning as specified, mix the ground meats and ingredients together, fill the hopper with the seasoned ground meat, slip on a sausage casing and proceed to make your own sausage. One person operation with this sausage stuffing machine.