Dakotah Sausage Stuffer

​The Dakotah Sausage Stuffer is the only horizontal sausage stuffer in this price range that uses low-pressure water hydraulics to push seasoned ground meat into a wide variety of sausage casings. What's more, this sausage machine has a see-through hopper, so you know how much meat is in the sausage maker system at all times.
Making homemade sausage is as easy as choosing a good sausage recipe, gathering up a few pounds of ground beef or venison, adding the seasoning as specified, and mixing the ground meat and ingredients. Next, place the freshly mixed sausage batter into the hopper, slipping a prepared sausage casing over the sausage funnel, and proceed to make sausage links or salami-style chubs. These innovative sausage stuffers feature one-person operation. We make our stuffers in the USA.

Out Of  Stock - We apologize for the delay.
Corvid-19 and the resulting lack of employees shut our parts companies down. They closed their doors forever, forcing us to locate a new extrusion and injection mold company to make our parts. We have found a new company that runs both extrusion and injection mold. They have our tooling and are on track to send us the first parts sometime in late February or early March.