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Dakotah Sausage Stuffer Jerky Maker Combo

The Sausage Stuffer Jerky Maker Combo is the only sausage making machine in this price range that will make sausage links, salami, and ground jerky strips. It has a translucent hopper so you can see how much ground meat is in the system at all times, further it's powered by water which ensures a smooth seamless flow of seasoned hamburger meat into a variety of sausage casings. Deer hunters, butchers, chefs, farmers, homesteaders, and wild game processors use our sausage stuffers to make their own ground beef jerky. No hand cranking with this sausage maker machine.  

When you're through making sausage it's easy to switch head covers and make ground beef jerky strips two at a time or your favorite snack sticks three at a time; you can make deer jerky aka venison jerky as well. Learning how to make your own jerky with our advanced jerky maker machine can be a fun family project, so grab up a good jerky recipe, seasonings, hamburger meat (beef, elk, or deer meat) are the favorites. Use an oven, dehydrator, or smoker to dry the jerky and/or snack sticks. Make your own beef or venison jerky treats seasoned just the way you like and say goodbye to store-bought jerky forever!
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