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Sausage And Jerky Making Books, Venison Recipe Cookbook

The Sausage And Jerky Makers Bible Book teaches the art of sausage making and Charcuterie (the art of preparing cured meats) and a must-have cookbook if you want to make your own sausage, make your own beef jerky, elk jerky, deer jerky, ground hamburger jerky, fresh sausage, smoked sausage, dry cured sausage, hams, bacons, capicola, pastrami or corned beef. One of the best books for making sausage, making jerky and meat curing with step-by-step instructions. Worth every penny!


The 16 chapters of instruction and 225 kitchen-tested recipe formulas in the Sausage And Jerky Makers Bible are the results of 40-plus years working first hand curing meats, making sausage, making jerky, smoking meat and making beef jerky and venison jerky, both at the home level and in the meat industry as a journeyman meat cutter and a custom sausage maker.