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Although sausage making isn’t likely to become the quintessential American pastime anytime soon, there are a great number of us frisky souls who fancy this traditional craft and delight in its tasty fixation. We’ll surely never be classified as Old-World Wurstmachers, but what we lack in authenticity, we make up for with a powerful yearning to make the best sausage we can. This amazing craft is addictive, no doubt because it is so hugely gratifying when you finally succeed in connecting all the dots and make the perfect sausage link. But it also requires a steadfast commitment as well as an intense desire to reach the coveted plateau at which time you make really good sausage––the kind of sausage that impels people to take the second and third bite––the kind of sausage people can’t get enough of

Fresh Breakfast Sausage Recipes

All-Beef Breakfast SausageCountry Chicken Breakfast SausageMaple Breakfast Sausage
Apple Chicken Breakfast SausageCraisin and Apple Breakfast SausageMaple Breakfast Sausage
Bacon Breakfast SausageGinger Chicken Breakfast SausageMild Breakfast Sausage
Bangers Western-StyleHawaiian-Style Breakfast SausageSage & Red Pepper Breakfast Sausage
Basic Breakfast SausageHot Breakfast SausageSweet Breakfast Sausage
Chicken Breakfast SausageMaple Breakfast Sausage 

Fresh Dinner Sausage Recipes

BratwurstGreek Sausage (Loukaniko)Pizza Sausage
Bratwurst, Cheesy ChickenItalian Sausage, ChickenRoasted Garlic & Tomato Sausage
Cabbage & Sage SausageItalian Sausage, HotSage and Red Wine Sausage
Cajun Boudin (Idaho-Style)Italian-Style SausageSun-Dried Tomato Sausage
Chicken with Feta Cheese & SpinachItalian Sausage, SweetSweet Onion Sausage
Chipotle SausageLinguicaTurkey Sausage, Mild
Chaurice SausageMexican ChorizoTurkey Sausage, Spicy
Garlic SausagePolish SausageVegetarian Sausage Patties
Garlic & Herb SausagePotato Sausage

Smoked Sausage Links Recipes
All-Beef Cheese DogsCocktail Wieners With CheeseOld-Fashioned Franks
All-Beef Link SausageGerman Sausage LinksPepperoni
AndouilleHot LinksPork Hots
Beef and Bacon Link SausageHungarian-Style Sausage LinksRing Bologna
Beer Sausage LinksItalian Sausage (Smoked)Roasted Garlic
BratwurstKielbasaRosemary & Sage Dinner Links
Cajun-Style Link SausageKnackwurstSkinless Hot Dogs
Chicken Habanero Sausage LinksKnockwurstTurkey Sausage Links
Cocktail WienersLinguica Sausage Links 

Smoked Sausage Chubs Recipes
All-Beef Sausage RollGerman BolognaOld-Fashioned Sausage Roll
Beef & Bacon Sausage RollHam & Cheese Sausage RollPickle & Pimento Sausage Roll
BierwurstHoney RollSalami
Duck & Goose Sausage RollJagdwurstSummer Sausage
Garlic & Onion Sausage RollJalapeno Sausage RollThuringer
Garlic & Cracked Pepper Sausage RollKosher-Style SalamiTurkey Sausage Roll

Smoked Snack Stick Recipes
Black Pepper Snack StickOriental-Style Snack StickSlimm Jimmy Snack Stick
Chicken Snack StickOriginal Snack StickSpiced Pork Snack Stick
Honey & Molasses Snack StickPepperoni Snack StickTurkey Snack Stick
Jalapeno Snack StickRed Hot Snack Stickhome page

Fermented Sausage Recipes
Still more fermented sausage recipes to come. Thanks for your patience.