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The Sausage And Jerky Handbook has been helping sausage and jerky makers make sausage and jerky for over a decade, it has basic info and sausage and jerky recipes. Features 64 proven sausage and jerky recipes as well as information about cures, smoking, smokers, smoke cooking, smoke chips, nitrites, nitrates, internal temperatures and more. Eldon Russell Cutlip shares a lifetime of knowledge as he guides the home processor through the sausage making and jerky making process.
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Sausage And Jerky Making  Book
Sausage And Jerky HandBook
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The Sausage And Jerky Handbook will show you how to make sausage, jerky, fresh sausage, smoked sausage, whole muscle jerky, ground jerky and more. This full-color Sausage And Jerky Handbook features 64 proven sausage and jerky recipes including information on cures, smoking, smokers, nitrites, nitrates, smoke chips, internal temperatures, smoke cooking, dehydrators and more.There are 26 proven jerky/snack stick recipes, 22 smoked sausage recipes and 18 fresh sausage recipes (4-color, 113 pages).
Sausage Jerky Book
Sausage And Jerky Makers' Bible Book
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Features 544 pages and 229 meat curing recipes including  dry and semi-dry cure sausage, smoked and cooked sausage, cooked sausage, fresh sausage, whole-muscle jerky, sticky jerky, ground jerky, dried deer sticks, salami Genoa, salami soppressata, corned beef, beef brisket bacon, honey-cured bacon, capicola, pastrami, picnic ham, smoked turkey, venison bacon, venison Bresaola, more. Explains how to how to build a dry-cure chamber. Hundreds of 4-color images, soft cover, lay-flat binding. Features both Fahrenheit and Metric measurements.